What’s More Effective Than Tying Tubes

Choose Nexplanon! Implants are quite effective, failing only 0.05 percent of the time, according to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. The implant works by releasing a form of the hormone progestin,​ which suppresses​ ovulation, into the bloodstream. The matchstick-sized rod is inserted between the bicep and tricep. Nexplanon continuously releases a hormone to prevent pregnancy for up to three years. Three minutes for insertion gives you three years of protection from pregnancy.

No more remembering to take your pill or ordering extra pills for vacation. Get Nexplanon inserted and forget about it. Get back to doing things you enjoy!

The doctors at Clarksville Women’s Center insert this implant. Call and make your appointment at (931) 647-7321. Come in and talk the doctor. Get your questions answered. See if Nexplanon is right for you!