Waiting to Cut The Cord

Umbilical Cord_08232015

The World Health Organization has endorsed waiting to clamp the umbilical cord for at least one minute after a baby is born.

A couple of extra minutes attached to the umbilical cord at birth may translate into a small boost in neurodevelopment several years later, a study suggests.

Children whose cords were cut more than three minutes after birth had slightly higher social skills and fine motor skills than those whose cords were cut within 10 seconds.
Sebastien Desarmaux/Godong/Science Source

Dr. Deepti Pruthi promotes delaying the immediate clamp of the umbilical cord. Ask her for more details during your next OB appointment. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Deepti Pruthi at The Clarksville Women’s Center, call the office at (931) 647-7321. Clarksville Women’s Center has proudly served the Clarksville and military community for 21 years.