Schedule Your Mammogram!

Keep Calm and Schedule Your Mammogram at the Breast Health Center located in Gateway Medical Center. Remember, early detection is key. Perform a monthly breast exam. If you are over 35 years of age, schedule and keep your annual mammogram. Mammography is a key component in early detection. Breast cancer detected in its earliest stages […]

Join Us at Best Of Clarksville!

This year, the Best Of Clarksville fundraiser will be hosted at Governor’s Square Mall on October 1, 2015 to accommodate the larger space needed for the local fundraiser. The Best of Clarksville is an annual fundraiser where 100% of the funds raised go directly into the Clarksville community. The 2015 charities include the Bikers Who […]

What’s More Effective Than Tying Tubes

Choose Nexplanon! Implants are quite effective, failing only 0.05 percent of the time, according to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. The implant works by releasing a form of the hormone progestin,​ which suppresses​ ovulation, into the bloodstream. The matchstick-sized rod is inserted between the bicep and tricep. Nexplanon continuously releases a hormone to prevent […]

Vaccinate Mom to Protect Baby!

Vaccinating pregnant women against whooping cough is the best way to protect their newborns from respiratory infections that can prove fatal, according to new recommendations from the Global Pertussis Initiative (GPI). Ask your physician during your next OB visit. Vaccination is important to the health of you and your baby. Got a question? Call Clarksville […]

Waiting to Cut The Cord

The World Health Organization has endorsed waiting to clamp the umbilical cord for at least one minute after a baby is born. A couple of extra minutes attached to the umbilical cord at birth may translate into a small boost in neurodevelopment several years later, a study suggests. Children whose cords were cut more than […]

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Clarksville Women’s Center is promoting National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Many resources are available to moms-to-be. Check out Roots Childbirth Preparation or Breastfeeding Education and Support at WIC. Gateway has numerous classes including Gateway Breastfeeding Class, Prenatal Class, and Sibling Class. To register for these classes, call (931) 502-1180. Healthy Start can be reached at (931) […]

Clarksville Women’s Center recognizes an important event in August. National Immunization Awareness Month Important for both you and baby! Clarksville Women’s Center offers Gardasil & Tdap. Schedule your appointment today at 931-647-7321.

August Giveaway on Facebook!

Clarksville Women’s Center Want a free photo session and 11×14 wall print for you and baby? We got it! Here’s how you win it! If you are on a mobile device, go to this link to enter: Comment on the post and share with a friend! It’s that easy. Check back with us! Drawing […]

Da Vinci Robotics!

Robotic Hysterectomy–what’s not to love about it?? Come ask for more info !! Patients love it because… Less post-operative pain Less blood loss Less risk of infection Shorter hospital stay Faster recovery time Improved cosmesis with small incisions Better outcomes and patient satisfaction

Oneless with Gardasil

  Dr. Pruthi is now vaccinating against HPV! Schedule your vaccination today at 931-647-7321. Ask for Gardasil.  Be one less affected by HPV disease!